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black_monarche [userpic]

Kitty cat

July 11th, 2009 (09:37 pm)

It's been awhile

Well my life officially annoying
The male side in my family grows more annoying everyday
My internet access is control and my parents monitor what websites I access.
And I only get 2 hours of internet time a day.
I'm only allowed to see my friends for 5 hours a week.
I can't even ride my bike without my parents asking me where I am going.
I have this terrible "Net nanny" thing that slows down my computer and pop ups like every 5 minutes.

My brother is stupid.

black_monarche [userpic]


January 10th, 2008 (03:58 pm)

current mood: confused
current song: Baby it's fact - Hellogoodbye

Today we had a tornado warning during 6th period so we had to sit with our heads on the ground out in the hallways for about 30 minutes. We missed a lot of class too, made today interesting though. They also had to hold buses for safety reasons which made me late coming home. GRRR.

While I was on the bus waiting for the highschoolers to get on some random dudes pointed at me and laughed. I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing, ah well alot of people do that. The whole "Laugh at the emo kid maybe they'll cheer up!"

Oh and speaking of the subject boys, my furry boyfriend Seth broke up with me on Saturday. It's ok though I'm fine, I prefer to be single. Also I'm getting annoyed because 7th grader skater dudes are always *looking* at me. I don't like people younger than me. But I did throw a paper ball at one. It was funny. xD

Oh but a good thing happened today, Tessa and Madolyn taught me how to pig squeal. :3
I'm pretty good at it for my first day.

black_monarche [userpic]

Ow ow ow

December 19th, 2007 (04:08 pm)
Tags: ,

current mood: distressed

Ahhhgg...I got a cancution today from head banging at the dance.


It's pretty painful, my head really hurts.

black_monarche [userpic]

Picture meme?

November 12th, 2007 (05:57 pm)
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current mood: amused
current song: The hush sound

- go to google images
- search up your answer
- pick one image from the first page
- and post
On to the MemeCollapse )

black_monarche [userpic]

Halloween, because you know you want to

October 31st, 2007 (08:20 pm)

current mood: bouncy
current song: Howls moving Castle theme- Howls moving castle

Twas loads of fun-ness. I was at first handing out candy for the early trick or treaters until my parents got home, and alot of kids were asking me "Who are you" I guess they were thinking I was some cartoon character. But most of them called me "Mr. Wolf" hey they were close. :3

Oh and at first the vision was fine but as it got darker I was having trouble getting around. Well I mean it wasn't because it was dark but it was because of the bright orange street lights. Buckram+orange street lights=Owies. I ran into like 2 trees, a dog, and a flower pot. But that's ok I've had worse.
Oh and some little kids loved me, one thought I was a bear though, and a few kept constantly waving at me.

But I'm boring. ON THE PICTURES! :O

black_monarche [userpic]

Who am I?

October 28th, 2007 (07:53 pm)

current mood: busy
current song: Momentum- The Hush Sound

Hey guys.
Judging from this picture

How old do I look?

black_monarche [userpic]

Seth+Trenton/late nights= Yiffy art

October 15th, 2007 (04:11 pm)

current mood: crushed
current song: Lions Roar- The Hush sound

I don't have a sad icon so I'll have to use this.

Yeah my Boyfriend drew Trenton and Caitlin's fursona having Sex last night. I'm really disapointed and worried. He promised he wouldn't do this. I'm mad at Trenton too, for asking him to do this. Stupid Seth! He does what ever his friends ask him.
And Trenton said he wasn't Yiff, but apparently he is!

Anyways when Seth was Leaving band and I was walking into the band room, he tried to talk to me but I just walked away and after that for the rest of the day he would just look at me, not say Hi or anything. And between 5th and 6th period Caitlin said "What's wrong with Seth?" so I think I really hurt him. But he knew what he did, he had complete control over himself, so this is His and Trenton's fault! None of it's mine.

Man I hope Seth doesn't become perverted like Trenton. I love Seth but if he does something like this again I'll break up with him.
So I wrote him a note in Honors Algebra 1 (which I have a B in) telling him that I'm worried and I won't talk to him until he promises he'll never draw people have sex again. I put to much trust into people, I hate it when people like Trenton mis use me like this! I hate it when people break promises they make to me when I always keep mine. This is probably the first time when I want to see one of my friends in pain.

black_monarche [userpic]

Fursuiting updates

September 29th, 2007 (06:39 pm)

current mood: busy
current song: Nellie takes her bow - ELO

Hey guys!
Just updating you people on my current fursuit projects.

Look at all this stuff!

black_monarche [userpic]


September 27th, 2007 (09:18 pm)

current mood: blah
current song: Ticket to the Moon- ELO

His name is Seth and we've known each other since last Christmas. We know each other better than ANYONE. (excluding our Families)
He has my Morals, He's pretty much nice to everyone, we get along really well and generally share the same interests and beliefs. Heck, he's stopped me from cutting myself a few times.
Well now we're going out and we really like each other.
And of course we both believe that dating should be for fun, not drama!
And by fun I mean, just going to places together and do stuff, like watch a movie, or play video games, or draw...
And not stuff like "OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!11!!" and making out all the time.
Really I could care less.

Some people are a little upset that we're dating. Like his ex Sandi, she's pretty mad. She said I "stole" her boyfriend. And you know what? She's the one who broke up with him!
Besides Seth was happy they're not going out because they always got in that "Do you love me?" fight.
I mean me and him really never get into fights,
and when we do it's over stupid stuff like what ingredients are in Jell-o, or if that dude off of the Matrix name is Neo or Neod.
And for some reason Trenton is mad about it too.

Of and I lost my Bow-tie. My SPECIAL gray bow-tie with white polka-dots! But Tessa is giving me a new black one. I love her! <33

black_monarche [userpic]


August 11th, 2007 (04:09 pm)

I found a bright red alarm clock in our mini van.
And a clay spoon.
And those aren't ours some one just left them there. o.o
Who would leave that stuff in our mini van?
I bring pictures later.

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