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His name is Seth and we've known each other since last Christmas. We know each other better than ANYONE. (excluding our Families)
He has my Morals, He's pretty much nice to everyone, we get along really well and generally share the same interests and beliefs. Heck, he's stopped me from cutting myself a few times.
Well now we're going out and we really like each other.
And of course we both believe that dating should be for fun, not drama!
And by fun I mean, just going to places together and do stuff, like watch a movie, or play video games, or draw...
And not stuff like "OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!11!!" and making out all the time.
Really I could care less.

Some people are a little upset that we're dating. Like his ex Sandi, she's pretty mad. She said I "stole" her boyfriend. And you know what? She's the one who broke up with him!
Besides Seth was happy they're not going out because they always got in that "Do you love me?" fight.
I mean me and him really never get into fights,
and when we do it's over stupid stuff like what ingredients are in Jell-o, or if that dude off of the Matrix name is Neo or Neod.
And for some reason Trenton is mad about it too.

Of and I lost my Bow-tie. My SPECIAL gray bow-tie with white polka-dots! But Tessa is giving me a new black one. I love her! <33
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