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Fursuiting updates

Hey guys!
Just updating you people on my current fursuit projects.

Look at all this stuff!

A tail for meh buddeh Caitlin! :3

(Lol you can see my Converse)
Tail for Seth my Boyfriend. c:
The yellowish fur is so ultra soft! You can't buy it anymore though, which is sad.
It's made so that it doesn't pad up either.

FINNALY i got this guy done!
But the camera totally killed him.
He looks way better in real life.
I'll be posting more once I have the gloves and tail done.
I might just give this for Trenton but he'll have to pay me.
And I SWEAR the fur is Indigo!
But my camera makes it look royal blue.
Lol I just realized I used that indigo in pretty all the stuff I uploaded.
Tags: furry, fursuit, goats, tails
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