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Seth+Trenton/late nights= Yiffy art

I don't have a sad icon so I'll have to use this.

Yeah my Boyfriend drew Trenton and Caitlin's fursona having Sex last night. I'm really disapointed and worried. He promised he wouldn't do this. I'm mad at Trenton too, for asking him to do this. Stupid Seth! He does what ever his friends ask him.
And Trenton said he wasn't Yiff, but apparently he is!

Anyways when Seth was Leaving band and I was walking into the band room, he tried to talk to me but I just walked away and after that for the rest of the day he would just look at me, not say Hi or anything. And between 5th and 6th period Caitlin said "What's wrong with Seth?" so I think I really hurt him. But he knew what he did, he had complete control over himself, so this is His and Trenton's fault! None of it's mine.

Man I hope Seth doesn't become perverted like Trenton. I love Seth but if he does something like this again I'll break up with him.
So I wrote him a note in Honors Algebra 1 (which I have a B in) telling him that I'm worried and I won't talk to him until he promises he'll never draw people have sex again. I put to much trust into people, I hate it when people like Trenton mis use me like this! I hate it when people break promises they make to me when I always keep mine. This is probably the first time when I want to see one of my friends in pain.
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