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Today we had a tornado warning during 6th period so we had to sit with our heads on the ground out in the hallways for about 30 minutes. We missed a lot of class too, made today interesting though. They also had to hold buses for safety reasons which made me late coming home. GRRR.

While I was on the bus waiting for the highschoolers to get on some random dudes pointed at me and laughed. I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing, ah well alot of people do that. The whole "Laugh at the emo kid maybe they'll cheer up!"

Oh and speaking of the subject boys, my furry boyfriend Seth broke up with me on Saturday. It's ok though I'm fine, I prefer to be single. Also I'm getting annoyed because 7th grader skater dudes are always *looking* at me. I don't like people younger than me. But I did throw a paper ball at one. It was funny. xD

Oh but a good thing happened today, Tessa and Madolyn taught me how to pig squeal. :3
I'm pretty good at it for my first day.
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